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If you know someone who lives in a campervan, it can be incredibly difficult to figure out a gift for them. Vanlifers are minimalists at heart and don’t have much space for extra things lying around. Luckily there are tons of products that can add value and make life easier that make perfect campervan gifts. We have been living in our 2012 Chevy Express part time for the past 18 months. All of the items below are campervan gifts that we either own and love, or would be stoked to be gifted. If you’re struggling to find the perfect vanlife gift, read on for more inspiration!

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Practical Vanlife Gifts

MoonShade Awning

Living in a van can feel stuffy sometimes, that’s why having a shaded outdoor space to spread out in is incredibly important. MoonShade makes an incredibly versatile awning that’s easy to install and set up. If you want to know more about why we love MoonShade so much check out this post. If you want to purchase one for the perfect vanlife gift, be sure to use the code ROADSHOW for $30 off.

WeBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

WeBoost cell phone signal booster on white campervan makes the perfect vanlife gift

This is an especially great gift for digital nomads. A WeBoost is a cell phone signal booster that boosts cellular service up to 32x. The booster has two antennas, one outside the vehicle and one inside. The WeBoost picks up the signal outside, amplifies it, and relays it inside the vehicle. For those working from the road where signal may be spotty while boondocking, this can be the difference between being able to stay longer out in nature versus having to go in town to get service for work. It’s worth noting that a WeBoost can’t make a cell signal out of nothing but it can amplify service to make it workable. We’ve been using our WeBoost for six months now though and have noticed a huge difference in cell service.


Traction Boards

Max Trax traction boards make the perfect campervan gift

The longer someone lives on the road, the more likely they will eventually get stuck in the sand or mud. Having traction boards can mean the difference between being stranded with a potentially costly towing bill, or being self reliant and getting yourself unstuck. We have used our traction boards multiple times and have definitely gotten our moneys worth. If you’re looking for a super practical and useful vanlife gift, this is it!

Air Compressor

ViAir air compressor makes the perfect vanlife gift

Having an air compressor is such a great van life tool and would make for a great campervan gift. By airing down your tires on bumpy roads (all van lifers know those unmaintained National Forest roads lead to the best camp spots) you can get a smoother ride. When you are off the bumpy roads, you can hook this air compressor right up to your car battery and air your tires back up! Additionally, if you get stuck, deflating your tires can get you a larger footprint making it easier to gain surface area and get you unstuck. 

Battery Jumper

NoCo car battery booster is the perfect campervan gift

Having a jumpstarter for a campervan is such an important tool and is the perfect gift to say you care about your loved ones safety. If your loved ones battery dies with nobody around and no cell phone service, a jumpstarter can save the day. We have a battery jumper from Noco, it is compact and able to be stored under our bed. As a bonus, it has a flashlight and USB charging port. Just the other day we helped out someone with a dead battery and it worked like a charm!

Lightweight Towel

Pack Towl Microfiber towels

Traditional towels take up a ton of space in a campervan and take forever to dry. Lightweight Microfiber towels are a great space saving and functional alternative for those living or traveling in campervans.

Satellite Phone

This is an especially good gift from a family member who worries about their loved one while they’re off grid. A satellite phone is a device that offers two way texting and SOS calls via satellite. This means you can communicate when your loved one doesn’t have cell phone reception. Keep in mind a satellite subscription is required in addition to the cost of the device. It is a pricey piece of gear but offers so much peace of mind.

Garmin In Reach Satellite phone

Travel Yoga Mat

Manduka EkoLite travel yoga mat

Getting in consistent movement on the road can be difficult. For one, you don’t always have access to a gym so you have to get creative. Having a travel size yoga mat makes a great space to work out in nature whether you use it for yoga or exercises. If your loved one is in need of a space to exercise on the road, consider gifting them a travel sized yoga mat. We’ve had this one for years and love how compact it folds down.

Cozy and Homey Vanlife Gifts

Rumpl Blanket

Rumpl down puffy blanket

On those cold winter nights, having a puffy blanket to snuggle up with feels so nice and cozy. Think sleeping bag but without the zipper. Rumpl has tons of options for sizes and colors that you’re sure to find one that works for your loved ones campervan whether they’re a solo van lifer or a van life couple.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights add a cozy ambiance to any van. They’re perfect for when you’re winding down at night and don’t want to have harsh overhead lighting on. These run on battery and have a remote control dimmer.

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights with solar charger

Having outdoor lighting at night extends the amount of time you can spend hanging out outside your van. These outdoor lights add the perfect ambiance for cozying up outside. The lights are powered via rechargable power bank which can be charged using solar or USB. This makes it easy to hang them anywhere on your van without having to plug them into a power source.

Outdoor Chairs

Big Agnes portable chair

Sitting inside a van all day can get old really quick. We chose to travel in a campervan to enjoy nature so having a place to sit outside was essential for us. Traditional camper chairs can be big and bulky which isn’t conducive to van living. These chairs from Big Agnes pack down super small and are pretty comfy for their compact footprint.


Flannel Sheets

Eddie Bauer Flannel sheets

For those chilly nights in the van, there’s nothing better than a nice set of flannel sheets. Flannel sheets are comfortable on your skin and add warmth to your bed. These would make the perfect holiday vanlife gift for someone who travels in their campervan in cold weather.

Wool Socks

Darn Tough Wool Socks

Fun fact, we own very few socks that aren’t wool. Apart from being warm and cozy, they cut down on feet stink and last a lot longer than traditional socks. Darn Tough socks are our favorite for their lifetime guarantee. If you get a hole in your sock, you can send them back and they will send you back a new pair for free!

Fun Vanlife Gifts

National Parks Pass

America the Beautiful pass

One of the greatest things about traveling in a campervan is exploring all of our countries beautiful Nationals Parks. Entrance fees can add up quickly though which is why the America the Beautiful pass makes the perfect campervan gift. At just $80 per year, you get access to over 2,000 sites managed by the Forest Service, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. When some National Parks entrance fees are $35 per day, that adds up quickly! A National Parks Pass makes a fun and money saving vanlife gift.

Scratch Off Map

United States scratch off map

This is the exact scratch off map we have in our van and we track all our travels with it. You can scratch off each state as you travel through. One thing we love about this map is that it has roads so we can trace the path we’ve taken in the van. This would make the perfect gift for someone embarking on a road trip in a campervan!

Nebula Capsule Projector

Nebula Capsule projector

Having a projector in a campervan goes a long way for making the space feel like a home. We have this projector from Anker and have been so happy with it. You can use it inside your van or on the outside of a white van and have a movie night with friends. This is one of our favorite electronics in our van and makes the perfect vanlife gift!


Travel Size Settlers of Catan

Travel Size Settlers of Catan

When you’re at a camp spot without service, having games to play can be a great way to pass the time in the van after dark. Settlers of Catan is one our favorite games that brings the true competitive side out of each of us. This travel size model packs down incredibly small making it a great campervan gift.


Eno Hammock

Is there anything better than relaxing in a hammock at a campsite? We think not. We use our hammocks every chance we get. In fact when we’re in the desert, we yearn for a campsite with good hammock trees!

Kindle + Kindle Unlimited Subscription

Kindle at a campsite with Big Magic on the screen

For the book lover, living in a van can be tough, there certainly isn’t space for a large library! Luckily, you can have a whole library in one compact device. The Kindle Paperwhite is gentle enough on your eyes and looks more similar to a page in a book than a tablet does. You can download books while you’re in service and read them at camp when you don’t have service. By gifting a Kindle Unlimited membership, your loved one can choose from over a million books in Kindle’s library for the monthly subscription fee.

Audible Subscription

In addition to a Kindle, an Audible subscription is another great way to read books on the road. On those long drive days, listening to an audiobook can be a great way to pass the time and get lost in a book or learn something new. An Audible Subscription would be a great vanlife gift.

Bluetooth Speaker

JBL bluetooth speaker

We use our bluetooth speaker pretty much every night when we’re cooking dinner or winding down from our day. Music makes everything more enjoyable and we love how compact this speaker is. It has a clip making it easy for us to mount it various places in the van.



DJI Mavic drone

This is the ultimate splurge but if you’re looking for a pricey gift for a loved one traveling in a campervan, a drone is the way! We use our drone all the time and love it for getting a different perspective and capturing memories of our travels. The Mavic air has a three axis gimbal camera and captures video in 4K. We have been so happy with the photos and footage we have captured with ours. It packs down incredibly small making it the perfect piece of camera equipment in a campervan.


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