16 Best Day Hikes in the United States

The United States has an incredibly diverse landscape. From deserts and rainforests, to oceans and lakes, mountains and valleys, and everything in between. With beautiful landscapes come epic hiking opportunities! If you’re an avid hiker, the United States is a treasure trove of exploration. After traveling the country full time for the past two years, […]

Kenai Fjords National Park: Complete Travel Guide

Kenai Fjords National Park is home to the Harding Icefield, a 700 square mile sheet of ice feeding over 40 glaciers. The Icefield, remnants of the last ice age, has carved finger-like projections called Fjords through its many tidewater glaciers. These glaciers give life to a brilliant ecosystem of marine life in the surrounding ocean […]

Katmai National Park: The Bear Viewing Capitol of the World

Welcome to Katmai National Park, AKA the Jurassic Park of bears. Located in south central Alaska, Katmai National Park is home to the one of the largest concentrations of brown bears in the world. 2,200 brown bears are estimated to be in the park. July through September, these magnificent creatures flock to Brooks Falls where […]

How to Strip Your Laundry

A Vanlife Guide to go from Dirtbag to Mr. Clean with Laundry Stripping Life on the road can be incredibly hard on your belongings. Your clothes, bedding, and towels are no exception. In our case, and many others, life on the road means being closer to nature. Closer to nature means more dirt, and less […]

Van Security Systems

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from theft or break-in, there are tons of products and methods to create a bulletproof van security system. This post explores the many options you have to increase your vans security both DIY and professionally installed. If you’re looking for info on personal security and safety while on […]

Vanlife Gift Guide

Having a hard time figuring out the perfect gift for the campervan lover in your life? This guide has practical, and fun campervan gifts.

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Travel Nursing to Avoid Nurse Burnout

So many nurses are feeling the effects of burnout. Travel nursing can be a great way to beat these symptoms and take back your career!

How To Become a Travel Nurse

Step By Step Guide to Becoming a Travel Nurse Travel nursing is one of the best careers, you can see the world, have flexibility in your career, and be well compensated. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start in the process of making this dream a reality. We’ve broken down step by […]

Pros and Cons of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is the single best move I have made in my career. I have learned so much, grown as a person, had more time for my passions, and been compensated well. While there are so many pros to travel nursing, there are also cons that don’t always get talked about. This post will aim […]

Vanlife Self Care

Living in a van can be incredibly difficult at times. Through a solid self care routine, you can thrive both mentally and physically on the road.

4×4 Campervans

Wondering what your options are for AWD or 4×4 campervans? This is an exhaustive list of all the factory and aftermarket options for 4×4 and AWD in the US.

Low Roof Van Build Layout

Looking for the perfect layout for your low roof Chevy Express, Econoline, Promaster, Transit, or Nissan NV? We’re sharing blueprints from our van build so you can maximize space and comfort in your DIY campervan conversion.

Moonshade Awning Review

During our van build, we always envisioned incorporating an awning. As the build went on, an awning got pushed further and further on the back burner. When it was time to hit the road, the awning we had our eye on had no stock. We ended up starting our journey figuring we could get by […]

Vanlife Water System

Van Build Water System If the plumbing aisle at Home Depot gives you nightmares, this guide’s for you. Building a vanlife water system can be of the most confusing tasks in a van conversion but it doesn’t have to be. In this post we’ll cover everything from water system diagrams, water tanks, and filtration, to […]

Vanlife Cabinets and Drawers

Van Build Cabinets and Drawers Building cabinets in your van can be a daunting task, especially with no woodworking experience. Using some simple tools and techniques however, you can build your own cabinets confidently. So lets talk about how to create custom vanlife cabinets and drawers and some special considerations before you start building. Be […]

How to Fix Campervan Rust

How to Fix Rust on Your Campervan Rust on your van is almost unavoidable. Despite that, it’s something you want to address before getting too far into your van build. Whether you need to fix rust or you’re trying to prevent new rust from forming, this post will cover all the ways to combat and […]

Types of RVs

The diversity of types of RVs out there is ridiculous. This post explores all the different kinds of vehicles that can be converted to campers, maybe some you’ve never heard of. Whether you’re in the market for a camping rig or just want to drool, this guide aims to inform and inspire. Vans High Roof […]

Vanlife Essentials

Vanlife is inherently minimalistic but there are some unique items that make life easier. We share our must haves for living in a campervan.

Vanlife Battery System and Charging

Vanlife Battery System and Charging This post will cover everything you need to know about your campervan battery system. We will also talk about the three different ways to charge your batteries, and what each setup would look like. Use the list below to jump to specific topics. You can find links to all the […]

Campervan Inverters

Van Build Inverters Lets discuss the AC side of your electrical system. What do campervan inverters do, how much power do they draw and how to choose the right one for your van. Use the list below to jump to specific topics. You can find links to all the components we used in our build […]

Vanlife Solar Setup

All About Vanlife Solar Setup Harnessing the power of the sun is what all the cool kids are doing these days. Adding solar to your van doesn’t need to be that hard or expensive. This post will explain all the elements of a vanlife solar setup so you can build the best system for your […]

Vanlife Electrical and Wiring

An Introduction to Van Build Electrical Vanlife electrical and wiring will possibly be your biggest expense and biggest frustration during your van build. But with a little knowledge and effort almost anyone can tackle the challenge. This topic is extremely in depth so we’re breaking it into multiple parts. Buckle up we’re about to get […]

Vanlife Wiring Diagram

In previous posts we’ve covered the basics of wiring, batteries and charging, solar, and inverters. This post will be about bringing all those elements together into a wiring diagram you will use to build your wiring harness. You can find links to all the components we used in our build in the van build shop. […]

Vanlife as a Travel Nurse

How to Live the Vanlife as a Travel Nurse One of the biggest questions of Vanlife is how to financially sustain a life on the road. For us, one of the ways we fund our travels is through Ashley’s travel nursing career. She has been an Emergency Department and Intensive Care nurse for the past […]

How To Poop in the Woods Responsibly

If you don’t have a bathroom in your rig, you’ll probably find yourself needing to take care of business in the woods sooner or later. After all, the best campsites don’t come with amenities. Follow these tips on how to poop in the woods, future campers and Mother Nature will thank you. Note that some […]


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