Van Life Hygiene

One of the most common questions we get asked about living in our van is “Where the heck do you shower?” While some van builds have a dedicated shower, we do not have a shower in our van. We have several answers to how we stay clean on the road.


This is our favorite way to shower. We have a gym membership through our health insurance that gives us access to Anytime Fitness and LA Fitness across the nation. Anytime Fitness is open 24/7 and just requires your key fob to get in. We are able to get in a shower and a workout if we want! Unfortunately with gyms being closed due to COVID, this has been less of an option. When gyms start reopening, we plan to get a Planet Fitness membership as well to maximize our options.


Many campgrounds will allow you to shower for a small price. You can generally go to the camp store to buy tokens or place quarters in the shower. This is a great option when you are exploring in a park and want to get in a quick shower after a sweaty hike.


We designed our sink so that the faucet pulls out and can be used outside the door. This allows us to turn our sink into a shower. We love this option when we’re in remote places and don’t want to go into town for a shower. The only downside is we don’t have hot water on board so this makes for a chilly shower!


While this is not the most eco-friendly alternative, this is a quick way to get yourself feeling fresh. Just one bath wipe can cleanse your whole body and make you feel like a new (wo)man. We used to use baby wipes however we find we use less cloths with these bed bath wipes, plus they makes your skin feel amazing.

While we may not have an on-board shower, we can promise you we’re not going around as stinky van-lifers. Between these options, we make sure we stay squeaky clean!

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