Low Roof Van Build Layout

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Low Roof Van Build Layout

Planning out the perfect layout for a low roof campervan can be a difficult task. With limited head room, you have to maximize every inch. Our DIY campervan is built on a Chevy Express low roof platform. We have many reasons why we chose a low roof van and are incredibly happy with our van build. A lot of time was spent planning to ensure that our layout was ergonomic and maximized living space and storage. We have been impressed with just how much we have been able to fit in our van and have never felt deprived of space (maybe headroom but that’s to be expected).

We are so certain of our layout that we want to share it with all of you. This layout is perfect for any low roof campervan be it an Econoline, Transit, Promaster, Nissan NV, etc. For more pictures of our van conversion process check out our van build gallery. If you want more details on how our convertible bed works, check out this post. Feel free to download the PDF for future van planning. Cheers and happy building!

As you can see, we’ve managed to pack a large amount into a small space! In this low roof van layout there is space for a full size convertible bed, sliding chest fridge, twenty gallon water tank, full size sink, ample storage, and large countertops. After spending tons of time in the van, we can confidently say that our countertop heights are both functional and ergonomic.

Chevy Express van Interior

We hope this layout provides guidance for anyone planning a low roof van build. If you’ve gotten value from our blog, consider putting some gas in our tank or picking up a sticker from our store to support us. Any contribution keeps us on the road and continuing to produce free content like this for all of you!

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