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In previous posts we’ve covered the basics of wiring, batteries and charging, solar, and inverters. This post will be about bringing all those elements together into a wiring diagram you will use to build your wiring harness. You can find links to all the components we used in our build in the van build shop. Remember, it’s perfectly okay to outsource the wiring of your van to a professional or have a professional inspect your work. We are not professional electricians so take our advice with healthy skepticism.

The best way I can think to explain this is to use our wiring diagram as an example. Below you’ll find two images; the first diagram is everything ‘before’ our fuse block and the second is everything ‘after’ our fuse block. Of course your wiring diagram will be different then ours depending on the specific components you choose to use, but I hope this gives you some clarification on the order in which things get strung together.

For details on specific wire gauge and fuse size for everything ‘before’ the fuse block check out our posts on batteries, solar and inverters.

Before fuse block

For detailed information about wire gauge and fuse size for everything ‘after’ the fuse block, check out our van wiring and electrical post.

After fuse block

Hope this guide gave you some value and helped you design your wiring diagram. You can find links to all the equipment we used in our van build at our van build shop.

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